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Charter Reservation Instructions


Thank you for choosing McLaughlin as your charter company. We pride ourselves in providing the best charter service available. We try to work closely with teams and individuals that arrive early for practices. Our charter boats come race ready and more likely than not the regatta will be won using a chartered hull. If you have suggestions on improving this service we would like to hear them.

If you have any other questions about chartering call us at 800 784 6478, 423 875 0740, or fax at 423 875 4011.

Join the Race Team!

Chartering is an important service to our customers. It also has been an important element in the growth of USODA. Sometimes the deciding factor to attend a major regatta is not about the desire to sail. Travel time and transportation issues can be a serious burden when considering an out-of-town regatta. Every year, we organize charters at over 15 major national and international events. Let McLaughlin take care of the details so you can focus on the important stuff!

McLaughlin charters are $300 unless otherwise specified. A Dolly, Top Cover and Hull complete with mainsheet, bowline, bailers, and blocks are included. New Rule Racing Blades with foil bag and spars are available at an additional $50 each.

Payment must be received before the event.
What To Expect Upon Arrival:

Your charter will be available on the day before racing begins unless other special arrangements are made.
Your boat will be waiting for you on a dolly ready to go. Top cover and dolly will be tagged with your skippers name. All the requested gear will be under the top cover. If we can help you in any other way, just say the word.

Please return the boat to us washed, top cover off, air bags slightly deflated, main sheet and bowline in place. Let us acknowledge that you have returned the boat, and then you’re ready to fly home. If you have damage to the boat, let us know about it as soon as possible. We may want to do the repair for you in the evening.
What’s Not Included:

Sailors must supply their own Sail, Sail Ties, Protest Flag, Praddle and Timer.
What Should You Bring?

Sailors should bring their own personal safety equipment and gear needed for a regatta. As always, it is best to change as little as possible for a major regatta, so bring as much of your own equipment as is practical. We always bring spare parts and tools for any repair, so don’t worry about that. We encourage sailors to bring their own sprit halyard, main sheet, wind indicator, bailers, blades and spars when possible.

Note: If you bring your own spars make sure your mast has a gray mast sleeve that matches our gray deck collar. We will install one for you free, and it is easy to remove when you go home. Please remind us of this. The mast will be too loose if this sleeve is not in place.

Normal wear and tear is expected, however, sailors are fully responsible for damage beyond normal wear including damage caused by a collision. Scratches on the bottom of the boat are not considered normal wear and tear, and will require an appropriate fee. Sailors are also responsible for lost or stolen equipment.

Writing on the boat with marking pens is not allowed. We suggest you write courses, starting sequence and compass headings on cardboard or paper and place it in a ZipLoc bag. A piece of duct tape on the midship frame also works well.
Cancellation Policy:

If you must cancel a charter reservation, we require 3 weeks advanced notice. If we have had to turn away other charters, or the trailer has left the factory, you will be charged in full.

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